Dear 2015, I Already Love You

This year looks like it’s going to be the year of my favourite music releases. Pretty much every morning when I wake up and scroll some news feed or other there’s always a little teaser, or even better, a whole new single that gets me right in the gut – a tear was shed for Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and I screamed a little when I saw the headline NEW FLORENCE + THE MACHINE.

So, here are some singles (and/or a teaser video) from my Top Six Most Anticipated Albums of the Year: Why I Think 2015 is Going to Musically Rule. It’s particularly exciting because a few of these artists (like Passion Pit and Florence) are releasing their third albums, which is when I think bands (and TV shows on their third seasons) really hit the sweet spot.  By the third record, musicians tend to be more comfortable in their skins and they’re past the pressure of the sophomore album that has to be as good as the debut. My ears can’t wait.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – I have ‘Multi Love’ on heavy rotation while I impatiently wait for the new album. 


Passion Pit – I JUST WANT THE NEW MUSIC (in the meantime I’ll just listen to Sleepyhead over and over and over) 


Florence + The Machine – I want more of Florence’s voice in my life. Not want. Probably need. 


Alabama Shakes – I missed you (lead singer) Brittany! 


Donnie Trumpet + The Social Experiment – There’s enough Chance the Rapper and co. to hold me over on Soundcloud…for now. 


Courtney Barnett – She’s one of my favourite Australians and has some killer quirky songwriting skills. She also once said I could join her Anonymous Club


Sam Smith vs Tom Petty & My Favourite Copyright Cases

sam petty

So, if you ever listened to Sam Smith’s über-ballad ‘Stay With Me’ and thought that it sounded kind of familiar, you were right. The male Adele just quietly settled a charge of copyright infringement by Tom Petty, whose people said that ‘Stay With Me’ sounded too much like the 1989 track ‘Won’t Back Down’. When I first read the news I kept singing both choruses over trying to find the link, and they definitely do sound alike. But the tune is kind of generic in that it’s melodically logical (for easy-on-the-ears listening) so it’s kind of a forgivable mistake to make.

Tom Petty actually acknowledged that this sort of unintended imitation happens all the time, and usually, any noticeable links between songs are caught before a track leaves the studio. I admire his coolness about the situation, because what is modern music if not a bunch of borrowings and inspiration? (It’s still a little shitty for Sam Smith as the little guy who has to split his mega-earnings and songwriting credit with legends who probably need the credit and cash a lot less, though.)

This mash-up highlights the undeniable similarities (and sounds pretty sweet): Continue reading