Five Song Playlist for A

This is a birthday post for one of my favourite music lovers, with whom I spent a few glorious years making memories soundtracked by these, and many other, tunes. She definitely deserves credit for introducing me to so much music that I now can’t live without, and consider myself lucky to be able to consult her wikipedic mind for pretty much anything music-related. I can’t forget how much she obsessed about the brilliance of ‘St John’ and how she reinforced her super coolness by introducing me to the Brazilian Girls. And I love that she is someone that I can genre hop with so we can have KRS-One and the B-52’s on the same playlist. Here’s to the roadtrips, music festivals, parties and jams and our (obviously) exceptional taste in music. Happy Birthday A!



Playlist: Nineties Nostalgia

I had THE BEST time jamming to “Smells Like the 90s” on VH1 this morning because it reminds of when the M in MTv stood for music and I could sit for hours watching music videos. And shout out to VH1 for keeping the video hits in their name and making their slogan “Absolutely none of today’s hottest music” which is refreshing and a shame at the same time because some of the great music of our day isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Maybe this shows that there could be a market for a new MTv-like channel to pick up on the kind of youthful freedom and musical expression that the channel started and also use the internet as a tool instead of an enemy.

Anyway this playlist is a highlights package of the 90s groove session I had — from the early years of the decade influenced by the late 80s, to my embarrassing memories of a Spice Girls obsession (don’t worry I still remember the moves from the video) and songs that still hold up like ‘’Creep”.

I want to say something like grab those peddle pushers and bodysuits to enjoy the playlist, but sadly for the 90s, her fashion was nowhere near as cool as her music. So just listen and enjoy the nostalgia and keep those platform sneakers in the closet.

Nineties Nostalgia 

Oasis — Wonderwall

 Deep Blue Something — Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Eternal — The Only One

Bryan Adams & Mel C — When you’re gone

Smashmouth — All Star

Phats & Small — Turn Around

Texas — Say What You Want

Snap — The Power

Spice Girls – Stop

Radiohead – Creep