Video of the Day: Tank and the Bangas


From the literal second that this video performance by Tank and the Bangas starts, you’ll feel a smile creep onto your face and an emotion I can most definitely name as pure delight. Aside from the fact that the song itself is a certifiable banger, watching this band do something that they so visibly enjoy down to their very cores with each other should feel like it’s exclusionary to the viewer, but somehow the entire 3 minutes and 56 seconds feels like the complete opposite of that.

Just watching their faces as they rhyme and sing and play bass and saxophone feels like a connection, because it’s like we all share the feeling that music is happy potion. And also, the main singer looks like the type of girl you’d like to befriend because you know there’d be a lot of laughter and hilarious in-jokes (who doesn’t love in-jokes right?!).

The band are winners of NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest, which is a competition where amateurs send in their videos for a chance to perform at the Tiny Desk Concert. And if you have no idea what that is, I suggest you look it up, but be prepared to get lost in an internet wormhole of awesome performances (some of my favorites include Aanderson .Paak (HOW CAN YOU RAP AND PLAY DRUMS AT THE SAME TIME?!), Sylvan Esso, T-Pain (because it’s so surprising) and tUnE-yArDs). [And if you have favorites of your own, tell me what they are!]

Before you do  that though, put aside some time right now to watch Tank and the Bangas and repeat as necessary.




Musical Cupcakes II

Today, I thought about living in the age of album leaks and what an unnecessarily destructive act of vandalism it is – Bjork’s album was released yesterday instead of sometime in March because of internet bean spillers, and Madonna had to do the same a few weeks ago. As a fan of music, I don’t understand why anyone would want to take the joy out anticipation and release-date countdowns, and why you wouldn’t want to respect that the artist wants to share their work only once they feel it’s completely ready? Album leaking is like breaking into a photographer’s dark room and publishing all the undeveloped images (I know this example probably isn’t the best in the digital age), and should be treated like a crime. I also want to know who the actual leakers are – is it someone on the inside with a specific agenda or an individual with so much loathing that they want to take the simple joys out of life for everybody else? Somebody help me understand!!

Rant over. Now I’d like to turn the attention to my Musical Cupcakes – delicious ear treats that are like rainbows on a cloudy day:

First, one of my favourite acts of 2014 remixed a track on the debut album of one of my other favourite acts of 2014. (That’s Wye Oak and Sylvan Esso respectively).

I rediscoverd this sing-out-loud (not a) guilty pleasure by Daniel Bedingfield circa 2009. The song does get many cool points though because the track was produced by Mark Ronson, one of the actual coolest people on the planet.

I’m fairly new to the music of Rubblebucket, and this KEXP performance made me officially fall in love, mainly because of all the brass bedazzled tunes. Also, as anyone knows, I’m a sucker for female led bands, and Kalmia Traver is extra awesome because she has an awesome voice, a tambourine strapped to her shoe and a history of kicking cancer’s ass.